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Before, and...

Here are the “before” shots of Viewforth - banked here so we can compare to “after” in a few weeks!

We don’t have many glamorous shots of the building yet, for the simple reason that it has been unoccupied for several years and now currently under renovation. But, we know that people will be wondering what the nursery is going to be like, inside and outside. What was apparent to us when we first viewed the building in August 2017, was that it had the necessary ingredients of a Montessori environment - spaces that feel like home, where a child can relax and grow in health and happiness. The main elements to look for are light and space, and, obviously, that a building is sound. Also, a nursery building needs to have a generous outside space with plenty of light and distance from neighbouring buildings.

Viewforth had all these qualities in generous measure, which is why we pursued it (and those who have known us for at least two years have heard what we’ve been through to acquire it!) Still, this is a project only starting and it will take imagination to see the end in the beginning. We hope you will put your imagination goggles on and step into it with us!

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