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Enrollment FAQs

Last updated: 04.09.23

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How far ahead should I apply?

You can apply anytime but we won't make an offer more than a year ahead for under-3s. For preschoolers the earliest we will make an offer is in January prior to them starting in August. We are currently full in both preschool and under-3s groups until mid to late 2024.

When will I hear about my application?

Enrollment processing periods are in September and March. If your child is in the waiting pool, you should expect update emails asking if you still need a place. Please add "" to your Contacts so that our update emails do not go into your spam. If you do not respond to update emails your child will be removed from the waiting pool.

What is the availability for places?

The Nido (under 3s) timetable is full until mid 2024, with a waiting pool. We cannot offer places more than a year ahead, so at the moment the only availability would occur if a child does not take up their place. There is usually more availability in the Casa (preschool) timetable.

When will I have to pay the admin fee?

We realise people's circumstances may change after they've applied. Before we start processing applications we will get in touch to see if you are still interested. If so, we will send an admin fee invoice. You will only have to pay it once per family.

How are places allocated?

We will consider children whose desired booking pattern and age is a close match to the place available. Looked-after children and those known to the local authority as having special educational needs; siblings and children who have attended another Montessori nursery previously; and children of critical workers have priority. If there are more children than the spaces available, selection will be made based on a trial visit (older children) or a tour (younger children). 

When can I have a tour?

We offer a trial visit or a tour to children who have received an offer or, in the case of oversubscription, who are shortlisted for a place. In the meantime, we have a video and gallery here.

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