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Q. What will my child do at montessori mornings?

A. Your child can play with any activity they choose.  He can take his time getting used to the environment.  We can help you gently guide your child towards purposeful and fruitful activity, and gradually nurture your child's ability to select, carry out and tidy away materials.


Q. I came once - my son had fun, but I'm not sure what he learned.

A. Do come as regularly as you can, ideally once or twice a week.  A child's development does not happen in a day.  Likewise, the benefits of regularly being in a calm, purposeful and ordered environment where your son can make independent choices can best be seen over a longer period.


Q. My baby can't crawl yet.  Is this the right place for her?

A. Although babies are more limited in what they can do physically, they are always observing and taking in what is going on around them.  Having a calm, ordered and rich environment with other children helps them to absorb language, observe social exchanges, and have new experiences.  Having free time on the floor to act on their curiosity is also a great motivator for babies to move.


Q. My toddler just likes to run and jump.  Will he be too restricted?

A. Two-to-three year olds need to move a lot because that is how they gain control of their limbs and bodies.  They naturally engage with activities that have a real purpose and motivate them to bring all their abilities (physical and mental) under control. These could be scrubbing the table, using a child's broom, polishing, balancing on  the line, yoga, carrying, pouring and building.  All of these activities invite the child to exercise control.  When your toddler is satisfying this need, he will be happier and more focussed.

Q. My child is five.  Is she too old for your materials?

A. Children love to revisit old favourites, as you will have noticed at home.  Once they have mastered something, they will naturally set themselves challenges - so even if they are using the same material, they will be doing something different with it.  We will help steer your child towards next steps we think she may like.  Also, three-to-five-year-olds naturally gravitate towards helping and playing with younger children.  This is an important opportunity for develop communication, empathy and leadership.


Q. My child does not speak yet.  Would this activity be helpful for her?

A. Absolutely - we have plenty of language-rich materials for you to use with your child. Receptive language (listening) lays the foundation for expressive language (speech). By coming regularly, she will get more exposure to appropriate and interesting language through the material and through social interactions with other people, especially other children.  This will be very useful to her total language development, even when she is mostly watching and listening.

Q. What are your affiliations?

A. We are an independent entity with ties of friendship and professional support with Montessori schools and nurseries through our membership of the Montessori Schools Association.