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workshops for parents & carers

Interactive workshops are delivered face-to-face, in small groups of 6-12 people and consist of a combination of slides, demos with materials, discussion and group activities. ​Workshops are for adults only and take place at Casa.

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CASA Parents' Seminar

Find out more about Maria Montessori's theories about how children develop and learn in the first six years, how this correlates with modern science, and how educators at CASA support children's play and learning. Find out how to help the natural processes with considered parenting approaches. This workshop is open to enrolled CASA parents only. General public please book "How Montessori Can Help your Child".


Discipline and Character - a Montessori perspective

This session surveys Montessori's theory of character and personality, the influence of childhood play on the will, self-discipline, and the three levels of obedience. We will look at some potential obstacles to children's natural unfolding and how an environment with structure and freedom can contribute to healthy integration of mind and body. Pre-requisite: none.


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How Montessori Can Help your Child

This workshop titled "How Montessori can help your child" introduces parents and carers to Montessori's perspective on childhood, the needs of the small child, and the vital part that adults play. Through a slide presentation and discussion we will discover how the well-being of the child corresponds to freedom, autonomy and concentration and how to use that knowledge to create an ideal environment for your child.

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Material-Making Workshop

If you're somewhat familiar with the Montessori approach, you may like to join us for some craft and conversation while getting into your project, or one of the suggested projects. Make something your little one can use at home while trying techniques and tools you may not have thought you could tackle!  Materials provided. Pre-requisites: none, though some experience of Montessori is useful.

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Montessori Activities at Home

This demonstration introduces parents and home-based carers to activities you can assemble at home to help children develop their hands, senses and movement, learn essential life skills, extend their attention span, learn rich language, and awaken their curiosity about the world. We will talk about what makes these materials engaging to children and how to create, organise and present them. Pre-requisite: Introduction Workshop

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Refreshers for Teachers

If you are an early years professional or a Montessori guide and are looking for re-grounding in a curriculum topic, you may be interested in joining us for the Montessori Professional Specialism training weekends throughout the year. In 2022-2023 these will be delivered by the expert trainers of Collaborative Montessori on Saturday and Sunday mornings on Zoom or in-person at Casa Montessori. Find out more by emailing

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