Our Team

Rosita trained as a Montessori teacher and taught in London before moving to Edinburgh. Rosita is also an architect and mum of two. She first founded Montessori Mornings with Sorour in 2015 which evolved into Casa four years later. Rosita manages the nursery and supports the whole team. Rosita is also a Montessori trainer with MCI and delivers our workshops.

Founder, Manager


After studying egyptology, Sorour re-trained as a Montessori teacher and established neighbourhood classrooms in Cairo, Egypt, running a charitable trust until they became self-sufficient. She went on to teach in Montessori schools in Sweden and Norway.  Sorour moved to Edinburgh in 2011 and set up and ran Montessori Mornings while also raising three small children. Sorour is Head of teaching and learning at Casa.

Founder, Head Teacher


After studying and working as business manager in Milan, Italy, Anna Giulia moved to Edinburgh with her family. She is deeply fond of the Montessori approach to childhood and learning, which she embraced with her sons from day one. Anna Giulia’s role is to support the team on managing the business and development aspects of Casa.


Anna Giulia

Almu first moved to Scotland from Spain for an MLitt in Publishing Studies. She worked in a rural Montessori nursery school with toddlers and the preschoolers for 5 years. Almu is now studying towards a M.Ed, with an interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mentoring.

Montessori Lead Teacher (Casa)


Aparanji has an AMI pre-primary Diploma in Montessori teaching and over 10 years’ experience as a kindergarten, reception and primary teacher in India. She is well travelled and completed her Montessori practicum while teaching 2-5 year olds in a nursery in London.

Montessori Teacher (Nido)


Beth has a B.Ed in pre-school education from Wellington, New Zealand and experience at preschool and lower primary levels in New Zealand, Norway and Edinburgh. Beth has a grounding in the child-centred Te Whariki curriculum and is excited to undertake Montessori training. Beth is also a mum of three.

Montessori Teacher (Casa)


Claire has taught in mainstream schools and Montessori and Froebelian nurseries, mainly with children from infancy to five years of age. Claire holds a Montessori diploma, BEd, PGCE Early Years and a Master’s degree in Inclusive and Special Education. Her special interest is in young children’s social and emotional development, particularly how kindness develops.

Montessori Lead Teacher (Nido)


After finishing her BA in Early Childhood Education, Irene came to Edinburgh and joined the team at Montessori Mornings. Irene has completed the Montessori Assistants training and is taking a further Montessori extension training. Irene is an accomplished musician and also looks forward to setting up our nursery food garden!

Montessori Teacher (Nido)


Joanna has a background in language learning research. After a PhD on computer models of language evolution, she moved into Psychology. She became interested in the Montessori approach after attending Montessori Mornings with her son and is looking forward to putting her knowledge of developmental psychology into practice in a Montessori setting.

Assistant (Nido)


Kay has a wealth of experience in education and working in collaboration with the health and social work organisations, as a teacher of primary and pre-school children and a head-teacher on curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning.

Teacher (Casa)


Raquel has a degree in pre-primary teaching and experience teaching in 0-3 and 3-5 environments. She has also spent a number of years as a nanny and guide at children’s events. Raquel has completed her preliminary Montessori training.

Montessori Teacher (Nido)


Shona studied Art History before moving to Korea to teach English. After qualifying as a language teacher Shona was introduced to Montessori when she spent a term at a rural preschool in Scotland. She then did a PGDE at Edinburgh Uni and taught in Kindergarten and P3 before coming to Casa as a Teacher in our Nido.

Montessori Teacher (Nido)


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